Nestore: digital ecosystems for healthy aging

Governments and partners in the Netherlands are building policies and ecosystems for healthy living and aging, and for digital innovation. Thursday 3th of October 2019, NESTORE organises a public event mainly aiming to engage discussion with regional and local policy makers to discuss the complementarities of decision-support systems like NESTORE with wider local policies for ageing well. The event is sponsored by and organised in partnership with the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam).

The event will be the occasion to first explore the ways government in the Rotterdam area are steering and developing ecosystems and policy in favour of healthy aging. What are the main challenges and what can we learn from this development as a NESTORE consortium?

Second we explore the development as data as new commons. What are the challenges and could Nestore be an opportunity to participate in this development in favour of long term effectiveness research? And in which does the Netherlands differ from the development of other EU countries and which bridges do we have to build to make further steps with Nestore and ecosystems for healthy aging?

The event will take place in English only. Participation to the event is free of charge.

The NESTORE consortium is composed of 16 partners from 8 European countries, namely: Belgium (1), Italy (5), Netherlands (2), Romania (1), Spain (3), Switzerland (2) and the United Kingdom (2). All partners have excellent experience and capabilities to achieve the objectives of the NESTORE project. The consortium has a very strong research component with 7 universities and 2 research institutions covering all key research fields addressed in NESTORE.

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